Zion Home Health Services, Inc.
Pediatric Home Health.

Pediatric rehabilitation isn’t just a service but a building block for a brighter tomorrow for our little stars!

Where Compassion Meets Progress in Pediatric Care!

At Zion Home Health Services, Inc. Our mission is to provide high quality, safe, and cost effective home care services. We are focused on providing excellent home care through education, encouragement, and support to pediatric patients and their families.

Our expert and dedicated team of therapists are committed to preserving each child’s needs. Patients and families are asked to assist in the development of the plan of care and be involved in the therapy. Consistent care between therapist and family gives the best results and quickest recovery.

Helping Kids Find Their Inner Strength

Every Child Deserves a Healthy Mind and Heart

From speech therapy that turns words into magic to occupational therapy that unlocks a world of possibilities for all kids.

Speech Therapy

Dive into the world of speech therapy at Zion, where words turn into magic.

Physical Therapy

Explore the realm of physical therapy, where every movement is a milestone.

Occuptional Therapy

Step into the world of occupational therapy, where skills for daily life take center stage.

Why Choose Us Our Services

We bring the A-team, the extra mile, and a sprinkle of enthusiasm to every session for your kids to grow.


Skill Development

Unleashing potential through targeted programs, enhancing skills. It’s a journey of turning challenges into victories


Developmental Understanding

Understanding every developmental twist and turn, we tailor our strategies to embrace the uniqueness in every child.


Child-Centered Approach

Our compass points towards the child; every decision, every therapy, is centered around their needs, dreams, and laughter.

Heartbeat of commitment to your child's well-being.

Empowering the potential within every child

At Zion, we dive deep into developmental nuances, crafting personalized approaches that speak to each child’s unique journey.