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Speech Therapy

At Zion Home Health Services, Inc. our Speech Language Pathologists (often informally known as speech therapist) have training in pediatric therapy and have provided therapy to children with a variety of diagnosis and/or delays. They are involved in direct speech therapy services to patients/clients including assessments, treatment, program planning and implementation, related documentation and communication in accordance with physician orders.

At Zion Home Health Services, Inc. many of our Speech Language Pathologists have certifications in specialty areas which help us to meet the needs of all of our clients.  They adhere in accordance procedures and compliance with state and federal regulations.

Some reasons a client/child can benefit from speech therapy are:

  • Articulation | speech impairments where the child produces sounds incorrectly (e.g., lisp, difficulty articulating certain sounds, such as “l” or “r”);
  • Fluency | speech impairments where a child’s flow of speech is disrupted by sounds, syllables, and words that are repeated, prolonged, or avoided and where there may be silent blocks or inappropriate inhalation, exhalation, or phonation patterns;
  • Voice | speech impairments where the child’s voice has an abnormal quality to its pitch, resonance, or loudness; and
  • Language | language impairments where the child has problems expressing needs, ideas, or information, and/or in understanding what others say.

Here at Zion Home Health Services, Inc. our ultimate goal is to help our patients with special needs reach the maximum functional potential and have independent, productive lives.